A Guide to Bonus Hunting at Online Casinos

05.10.2021 10:40

Online gambling is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Australia at the moment. Gambling has long been part of the Australian psyche, and even in the face of difficulties from the government, players are flocking online at such a rate that online casinos around the world want a piece of the action. Of course, with many online casinos using software from the likes of Netent and Microgaming, they need something else to set themselves apart from the competition and attract new players. The majority do this by offering better and better bonuses, from match bonuses for new players to ongoing VIP rewards.

While bonuses are created with new players in mind, they are also important for players looking for a longer term gambling destination. Players of all experience levels usually put a lot of time into finding the best bonuses for them and their play style, and rightly so.

First deposit bonuses are the most common type that the majority of players will encounter. Virtually every online casino offers one they would not survive if they didn’t and generally they come in the form of boosting the player’s first deposit by a percentage, usually 100%. When such bonuses are used, the player gets their original deposit as real cash, and their bonus in a separate fund. This fund must then reach the wagering requirement to convert it into real money that can be withdrawn. Such requirements are in place to stop players from simply milking money from the casino without actually playing, and are perfectly fair and understandable.

With the Australian market being a huge growth industry, many casinos offer bonuses especially for this area. The Australian love of pokies is known around the world, for example, and many casinos have started to offer pokie only bonuses for Aussie players. They operate similarly to normal welcome bonuses, but often reward higher percentages, with 200% match slots only bonuses relatively common in Australia. These bonuses are also subject to wagering requirements for the same reasons. A common condition is wagering the bonus amount twelve times before it is converted to the real money balance. This means, for example, that a bonus of $100 requires the player to bet $1200 in total in order to cash out. In many cases, withdrawing before the condition is met, such as taking out the original deposit beforehand, forfeits any bonus.

The key factor for most players when searching for online casino bonuses is value. There are numerous well put together strategies for finding the best deals. This is particularly prudent as the majority of bonuses require deposits and in most cases, that initial investment must be gambled in some way.

Previously, bonus hunters had it easier than their modern counterparts. It was relatively simple to deposit enough for the full bonus, then play a game with as close to a 100% pay out rate as possible, often leaving players with their original deposit and a fair chunk of their bonus to withdraw. This is why wagering requirements have become even more stringent, in order to discourage bonus hunters. However, it is by no means impossible.

Blackjack remains one of the most popular means of playing through bonuses, and rightly so. When played with the correct strategy knowing when to hit, stand, double and split it is one of the games with the lowest house edges and variants in the casino. When combined with the double- up method (doubling stakes on losing bets) players can find themselves playing through the bonus quickly, efficiently and successfully, allowing them not only to withdraw their original deposit but also the majority of the bonus funds.