14.07.2020 09:22

The Mechigan Instant Lottery made one of the residents indecently wealthy, a 50-year-old resident of Monroe County won a jackpot for $ 4 million for the second time.

Mark Clark has perhaps become the happiest person in all of Mechigan. He bought a $ 30 lottery ticket this week at Ash Market Carleton.

 After he threw off a ticket for an instant Payout game for $ 150,000,000, he discovered that he had won a jackpot – a prize of 4 million. Three winning tickets for 4 million were printed in the lottery, and Clark became the lucky winner of the third and last main prize.

 “I erased the code on the ticket in the store with a coin that dad gave me about 10 years ago. We lost our father a couple of years ago, he was ill, and I could not help him. I think this lucky coin helped me win” – Clark said.

 In December 2017, Clark won $ 4 million by playing the instant game of the Michigan Lottery Club of Millionaires.

“You don’t think that you will hit the jackpot once, and even more so you can’t imagine that it will happen twice,” Clark added. “It’s hard to put into words what I feel.”

Overwhelming odds

People have been playing the lottery for decades, not winning even 1 million dollars, not to mention 4x.

But do it twice? This is an inexplicable phenomenon.

 “If someone once hit the jackpot, the likelihood that the same person will win the lottery for the second time is negligible and equals zero,” said Dr. Mark Glickman, professor of statistics at Harvard.

The more lottery tickets you buy, the higher the chance of winning, but the chances for each ticket remain the same. For example, Powerball jackpot odds are 1 on 292,201,339. If a person buys three tickets, his chances are 3 at 292,201,339.

 Ronald Wasserstein, Executive Director of the American Statistical Association, says extra tickets “increase your relative odds.” But the absolute chance is so small that people don’t understand it”

 Happy son

 Clark said that he retired after the first time he won the lottery, in order to spend more time with his family, his favorite distraction was just fishing with his father.

I had many ups and downs in my life, but what happened was just fantastic.