IGT announces about game partnership with Marker Trax

11.08.2021 14:57

International Game Technology (IGT) has announced a partnership with Marker Trax for the improvement of their cashless gaming technologies. The partnership will allow the IGT users to integrate the technology of Marker Trax in any deployment option of IGT Resort Wallet.

The IGT declares that it is a strategic partnership that will improve the quality of cashless games, offered by providers.

Besides, the organization claims that the partnership will allow both sides to maximize the possibilities of growing the cashless segment.

Gary Ellis, creator and the general director of Marker Trax, said: “Customer service is the most important thing in this business and IGT shares this philosophy. While working together, we can optimize and improve the quality of customer service.”

After starting IGT Advantage, Resort Wallet and Marker Trax, the users will have the possibility to create casino markers on their mobile devices.

Charlie Skinner, chief operating officer of Marker Trax, said: “This is a huge honor to work with IGT to expand Marker Trax to market.

This deal with IGT confirms the company’s aspiration to offer the convenience and safety of Merker Trax for the expanded client base.”

Ryan Reddy, IGT senior vice president of global product management for VLT, systems and payments, added: “By giving our customers the ability to add specialized Marker Trax technology to their casino apps on the base of IGT Resort Wallet , IGT provides an even more versatile cashless ecosystem.”

Considering the unprecedented high demand for solutions for cashless games, technology integration like the one we agreed with Marker Trax, will help our clients to use a variety of cashless technologies in an intuitive, convenient and secure way.”