Лицензия Kahnawake

Kanawake is a residence near Quebec, Canada, where the gaming commission provides a zero percent tax on organizations that want to acquire a local gaming license.

In fact, all companies that apply for licensing in this jurisdiction receive approval. And modern technical equipment made the Kanawake license one of the most attractive. Over the past 11 years, this region has been licensing various game projects. During this time, Kanawake has built up an excellent reputation in the gambling industry.

But keep in mind that if you are determined to acquire this jurisdiction, you will have to transfer all servers to the Mohawk Internet Technologies data center.

Online casinos will be able to work around the world without restrictions. The Kanawake Commission protects all legal rights and fully fulfills its responsibilities.

In any online casino, one of the key points is the security of user wins and data. The Kanawake Department has at its disposal all the latest technologies, which allows for regular software checks and customer monitoring for illegal transactions.

● Available legal forms: All companies in the online gambling field can be recognized as legal in other jurisdictions.

● Tax fees: There are no additional game rates or taxes in Kanawake.

● Minimum authorized capital for online casinos: There is no certain amount, all applications are considered individually.

Price policy

● 15 thousand dollars is paid for the work of the Kanawake game commission. The employees of this service will necessarily study the personal file of the head of the company, its activities, etc. In case of refusal of licensing, this amount is not refundable.

● 10 thousand dollars are paid for licensing itself. In case of refusal, this amount will be refunded.

● 5 thousand dollars is a license for the head of the casino.

● 3.5 thousand dollars will need to be paid for evaluating the casino management system.

● 20-25 thousand dollars will have to be spent on processing all payments to prepare an agreement. Obtaining a license is a quick process that takes no more than a couple of days. Of course, the Kanawake Commission will require you to provide a business plan.

● 1.9 thousand dollars will be used to open a bank account.

● 1.5 thousand dollars will be spent on opening a trading account.

License validity period:

The first license is issued to the gaming establishment for only six months. As soon as it ends, in the absence of violations, it is extended for another 2 years. After that, you will need to renew the license once every 4 years.

Bandwidth and Server

It’s worth mentioning right away that Mohawk Internet Technologies is the main data center where the servers of all institutions licensed in this jurisdiction should be located.

The data center directly cooperates with most of the leading Canadian operators, so it all depends on the choice of the customer, but here you can find a variety of types of Internet connections, from OC-48 to 10GigE.

In addition, the data center has access to private peer-to-peer networks, which is also a significant plus.

There is also SONET, which will allow the casino owner to connect the OS-192 – Montreal’s connection with the servers in Kanawake. The whole plus of this connection is that there will be used many alternative ways to connect the server and hosting. Thanks to this, the software and website will work stably under any conditions.

By the way, another important point in the data center is resorting to Cisco technology, which serves to prevent DDoS attacks. So you can forget about hacker attacks on your site that will work stably even with a massive DDoS attack.


Owners of gaming establishments will need to update the software on the site timely. Of course, a special commission will monitor this. We should also pay particular attention to the risks of reorganizing the Random Number Generator. This should all be taken into account.


Immediately after the license is issued, the supervisory authorities will carefully monitor your project for six months. As soon as the “trial period” is successfully completed, the issue of control will be reviewed individually.

Gambling commission policy on money laundering using online casinos

The casino administration will have to provide reports on each transfer regularly, the amount of which goes beyond 10 thousand dollars. All reports are sent to the regulatory authority. In addition, a Kanawake representative may request a report if he notices suspicious transaction activity. Such requests are not systematic, and can come at any time.

There are no territorial restrictions on advertising and attracting new customers in this jurisdiction.

Contact details of the Department of Government or regulatory body:

● Address: Kanawake Gaming Commission, Office Mailbox 1799, Kanawake, Canada, J01B0

● Phone number: (450) 635-1076

● Website: www.gamingcommission.ca

● Email: info@gamingcommission.ca