Red Rake Gaming provides a new online-slot Parrot Bay

25.01.2021 17:30

Leading online gaming content provider Red Rake Gaming has announced the launch of a brand new online video slot Parrot Bay. The 6×10 game has a popular trademark with a fun pirate theme. Join the tough pirate and his crew as they travel the seas in search of amazing treasures. Find a mini reel game along with an extra spin feature and multipliers.

Details about Parrot Bay.
Load up the exciting new Parrot Bay slot and find yourself inside the ship, in the area where the cannons are ready to fire.
Choose your bet amount and spin the reels of the online slot to see what you can have! The aim of the slot, of course, is to find the appropriate combinations of symbols. However, you can also use symbols to activate the cannon mini-game and earn extra spins.

According Red Rake, there is a progress bar on the left side of the panel that will activate a round of the cannon minigames. Earn cannon symbols while spinning to activate this round. The mini-game offers you six cannons shots and 15 squares. You will need to press a button an the grid to shoot the squares.

The shoot square will show the anchor, spyglasses, or steering wheel of the ship. Earn different wins by finding several of the same symbols, while you blast squares with your cannon. Each combinations will offer something different for addictive gameplay.

Earning Spins
During the common functions, the winning symbols disappear and a respin is activated. The symbols on the grid will move downward and new spaces will be filled with new symbols. Winnings earned in this way will be added to the total winning. There the spins continue until your earn more wins.

If you fine up five or more respins, then the extra spins feature is activated. In this round, you can earn up to 10 spins. When additional spins start, a symbol is chosen at random to be special. All winnings that include a special symbol will be multiplied. The multiplier will be based on the number of respins that activated this function.

If you mange to line up four or more respins during the extra spins function, you respins during the extra spins function, you re-strat the round. You earn more spins and a new special symbol!
Parrot is alive and ready to play for all operators or Red Rake Gaming. Launches on December 17, the game has already become a big hit among slot fans!