17.08.2020 12:50

SoftSwiss joins YGGDrasil’s YG Franchise Network

Online casino content provider SoftSwiss is the latest to sign a franchise agreement with Yggdrasil.

The agreement, which will take effect on August 18, will give SoftSwiss access to YGGDRAZIL’s content, technology, innovation and expertise.

Subject to YG Franchise’s license agreement, SoftSwiss will be able to distribute award-winning Yggdrasil iGaming content across their core markets through their rapidly growing network of partners.

The deal between SoftSwiss and Yggdrasil will also provide the first access to the latest set of innovative BOOST tools, as well as Yggdrasil’s flagship innovation at GATI, which was only recently introduced but has already gained particular attention in the iGaming industry.

GATI is a language independent and standardized technology that enables online casino game developers for quickly and securely creation and distribution of the content on the ever-growing global Yggdrasil network.

As part of the benefits that SoftSwiss will benefit from its alliance with Yggdrasil, the company will be able to partner globally with other YG franchisees, including Flow Gaming, Azure Tech and Northern Lights, among others. With the introduction of GATI, SoftSwiss will be able to create, port, or order games that can be deployed by the aforementioned and many other YG franchisees.

YG Franchise highlights the importance of collaboration at iGaming

Commenting on the addition of SoftSwiss to their YG roster, Bjorn Kranz, head of publishing at Yggdrasil, stated that their new partner is a leading casino provider and that they are delighted to add SoftSwiss to their expanding network.

Mr. Krantz clarified that as their YG Franchise network grows, the model expands for their partners. Combining with Yggdrasil will give SoftSwiss “full access to YG’s rich experience and technology”

According to Yggdrasil’s spokesperson, their new YG Franchise Program gives franchisees the ability to fully control their iGaming strategy, scale their business efficiently and safely, and ultimately channel new revenue streams. It also “underlines the importance of teamwork at iGaming.”

SoftSwiss CCO Max Trafimovich noted that they are pleased to be part of the YG Franchise network, this solution will provide the company a lot of new opportunities. Mr. Trafimovic went on to say that by working with Yggdrasil and other franchisees using “their iGaming solutions in a box and GATI technology, we hope to strengthen our market position as the leading casino provider in the industry.”