The professional poker player is accused of sending powder to the Gabling Commission of the New York state.

30.03.2021 10:08

Sometimes resentment is kept for years and brings to escalation of the conflict. Recently in New york long-standing feud led to 72 years old professional poker player sending a few suspicious letters, which contains the white powdery substance, to the Gambling Commission of the New York state.

Brent Carter from LasVegas is well-known as a poker player, who won gold WSOP in 1991 and 1994. Now, probably, he will be known as a federal fugitive after he started this mystification against gambling regulator. White powdery substance turned out to be gypsum, sugar, talk and bird seed instead of something dangerous.

The details of resentment
The criminal investigation against Carter shown how deep have gone his enmity to Gamling Commission of the New york state. In 1976 he worked in the spike industry. His racing license was temporarily stopped by the commission due to suspicion of fraud. Within some time Carter’s name was cleared and commission was again presented his license.

However it wasn’t surely enough for Carter. During many years his bitterness was steaming and in 2018 he started to act. Soon after first anniversary of mass shooting in LasVegas Carter left voice message to staff member, in which was said:
“Well, it seems that the shooter in Lasvegas missed you, guys. Until you are inaccessible, you must be inaccessible forever”

The other one voice letter was left next month and after that the episodes have been exacerbated from April 2019 to January of this year. At this time was sent the letter with powder inside to the commission’s headquarters in Schenectady.
Each time, when the letters were sent they was verified by the authorities and appeared to not be dangerous.

In October investigators from LasVegas requested Carter. He was asked about voice messages and letters. He said that he wants to clarify the question about suspension from spike. He couldn’t find his horses and the commission hasn’t answered. Nevertheless, commission sent to Carter a few letters in which it was said that he is no longer under suspension.

Authorities have prevented Carter from not sending letters anymore. But he hasn’t listened.
At the end of January he sent a new letter one and against him were taken measures. He was arrested and now pleads not guilty during a recent trial.
If he is convicted, Carter faces up to 5 years imprisonment.