A good online casino is obliged to fulfill its obligations: to quickly and honestly pay out winnings, provide access to licensed slot machines, guarantee fast technical support and more. It just so happened that not all gaming establishments provide an acceptable level of service. It is not uncommon for users to encounter real scammers seeking

to cash in on naive players. In order to avoid such a fate, you need to be extremely careful in choosing a casino. To find honest institutions, helps the rating of online casinos, which collect the most relevant and honest reviews, as well as data on gaming platforms. But such sites can not always be trusted, because the probability of paid advertising is high. So in this article we will talk about the criteria for choosing an online casino.

The main criteria for choosing a casino

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a gaming establishment is its official website. Unscrupulous resources will not spend a lot of money on creating a unique and thoughtful design. It is quite expensive, and it takes a lot of time. So the first criterion will be the good design and functionality of the site, convenient navigation and the absence of a huge number of advertising banners. An online casino site designed to cash in on gullible users will look pretty cheap, with a primitive interface and the simplest design. Moreover, all legal casinos are licensed, which guarantees the honesty of the administration of the institution. Typically, license information can be found at the bottom of the home page. It will indicate the license number and place of issue, having this information, it is easy to break the legality of the institution. The presence of a license is the key criterion. If the casino does not have a license, it is definitely not worth playing.

In addition, other key criteria can be identified:

  • Software presented at the casino. All games should be from the best publishers, well-established in the entertainment industry. Now there are quite a few large developers whose games are distinguished by advanced graphics and a good storyline. But not all establishments have slot machines with progressive jackpot and live games. If this is important for you, then a casino without these entertainments can be immediately discarded.
  • Simple withdrawal of money and a large number of replenishment options. If the institution offers only a few options for conducting transactions, and they do not suit you, then it is better to find another option for the game. Also pay attention to the geographical location of the casino. For example, in institutions focused on Russian-speaking players, you will see both convenient ways to replenish and the national currency. Which will greatly simplify your game.
  • Availability of positive reviews. Before making a deposit at the casino, be sure to visit the profile sites and forums where you can read reviews of real people.
  • Bonus system and loyalty program. Bonuses are a way of a casino to keep regular players and attract new ones. Sometimes, these bonuses are very, very generous, allowing you to play at very large rates. Of course, you can get bonuses only after registering the casino and under certain conditions. In Demo mode, this is not. It is also worth considering that you can’t immediately withdraw bonuses after receiving them on the card. They need to be played. And usually a wager is between 30 and 45.

It is logical that the smaller the wager, the more profitable for you. So the ideal option would be to find an institution with an acceptable wager, generous bonuses suitable for you (for example, if you play at night, then look for a casino where replenishment at night will be more profitable), cashback, and no deposit bonus. Bezdep is generally a great thing, because it allows you to check the operation of the casino and even withdraw a small gain without spending a dime.Visit an online casino rated site. A professional rating has been compiled on such a portal, where all the pros and cons of each popular institution will be detailed. This will help you learn about all the “pitfalls” and prevent mistakes. Rating is a kind of support for making the right choice.

Additional casino selection criteria:

After you have sorted all the casinos and selected a small list for yourself where you would like to play, go to the additional criteria. For the most part – this is already flavoring, but for a comfortable game – this is also important. Let’s talk about the most obvious additional factors:

  • Visual design. Design is very important, because it should be pleasing to the eye. No bright and flashy colors. Also, very many do not like the light background, because when you play in the dark, your eyes quickly get tired of it.
  • Availability of tournaments. Tournaments are not only a way to challenge experienced players, but also an opportunity to win a major prize.
  • Registration. The registration process should be quick and not cause difficulties.
  • Availability of a mobile version. Now more and more players are starting to play in the casino with their mobile devices. So it becomes very relevant to have an application for iOS or Android. If there is no application, the casino site itself must be adaptive. Those. adjust to the resolution of the tablet or smartphone, while maintaining all the functions.
  • Technical support. Support should work around the clock, this is not even discussed. And the speed of answers in the chat should not exceed 5-10 minutes.

These are the main criteria, based on which, you can choose a quality casino for a profitable game. Good luck!