What is the principle of slot machines in online casinos? This question has repeatedly arisen among people who are poorly familiar with the world of online gambling but those who want to also start playing. The main problem is that there are a lot of myths about the work of slots, the most

common of which is the myth that the longer you play, the greater the chance to hit the jackpot.

So today we will analyze in detail how the slot machines are arranged, tell you what RTP is and what slots it is worth playing.

How online slots work

The work of online casino slot machines is based on a random number generator – a unique algorithm-based program. It is the generator that is responsible for the combinations that fall out during the game. This process is absolutely random, its result cannot be predicted. Yes, since the appearance of the first online slots, progress has gone far ahead, but the principle of operation of the generator and its reliability have not changed yet. Of course, there are still some changes, because software manufacturers need to take into account modern requirements. Mathematicians, programmers and psychologists participated in the development of the random number generator.

A modern generator used in slot machines was invented by a professor at the University of Massachusetts. It is a 128-bit md5 algorithm, in addition to online casinos used in banking security systems. Which perfectly indicates its reliability.

What is RTP in slots?

RTP (RTP) – the percentage of payment to the user, which is set by the developer in each slot machine. The RTP indicator reflects the proportion denoting the ratio between the winnings of users and the income of the gaming establishment. For example, if in the parameters of the device the RTP is 95%, then the player will receive 95% of the size of the bet. And the casino accounts for only 5%. No, this does not mean that the user will receive 95 cents on an abstract dollar. You can hit a huge jackpot after just a few bets, or get your winnings after a few dozen scrolls of the reel. Dispersion is responsible for this – a property of a random number generator. RTP takes into account the variance and takes it into account – therefore, it is necessary to make several hundred rotations in order to establish the validity of the claimed RTP. The percentage in each slot directly depends on the mathematical model chosen by the creators, and the requirements in a particular state. Of course, no one will ever issue a license to an institution where a ridiculous percentage of payments is established, obviously lower than the level specified by law. In general, this indicator is from 80 to 95%, it all depends on the country. So, in the Russian Federation this figure is at least 90%. So, gaming platforms, and companies involved in the release of new casino games, are forced to abide by this rule.

Some software makers produce slot machines with a single RTP, but some make adjustments to each new game. For example, Endorphina’s games have about 96% of payouts, and NetEnt games do not have a single percentage, and this figure fluctuates around 91-97%. You can find out about the gambling establishments with the highest RTP in the rating of online casinos.

Which slots are worth playing. If you have made dozens of spins, but there is still no long-awaited win, then you should go to another game. Do not forget about the random number generator, because each spin is independent and does not take into account everything that came before it. Another popular myth is that the percentage of winning depends on the size of the bet – this is also complete nonsense, the generator does not work like that. The generator guarantees that for each of your spins at any bet there is the same percentage of winnings. But still, you should not stubbornly play one slot, waiting for your jackpot. Now there are a lot of slot machines, perhaps after another, you are more lucky.

Local and progressive jackpot

Of course, you need to play only in the “giving” slots, where the payout percentage is the highest possible. This could be understood from the above. But besides this, it is worth remembering about jackpots. They are of two types. So, local jackpots are tied to a particular institution, and its amount is formed from all bets made by users of this casino. In turn, the progressive jackpot accumulates the bank from all the casinos in which this slot is installed. Therefore, its amount is much higher. Just do not blindly drive for a progressive jackpot. As a rule, winning it is much more difficult than chasing the local jackpot. Yes, it is less, but, as practice shows, the chances of winning it are more.

Among all the major online casinos, there is a real “cold war” for new players. So they, in order to attract new users, are forced to offer more and more bonuses. One of such nice bonuses is a no deposit, where the player is offered a certain amount of free spins for registration. This is a great opportunity to win something without spending a dime. At the same time, you will check the percentage of “return” from a particular slot machine.

You can find out about institutions offering a no deposit bonus in the rating of online casinos.