Fans of gambling should be very attentive to their hobby. Yes, online casinos’ slots have long been considered the most profitable form of gambling, but they still require an attentive game with a cold head. Even in the case of a return of 98%, you can not guarantee that you will get a “plus”. Therefore,

all beginners are urged to familiarize themselves with the key rules for a successful game, which we will discuss below, as well as with the top casino 2020.

 Choosing a gaming establishment

 The first step is to find a reliable playground. This is quite simple to do, thanks to the rating of online casinos, which talk about the pros and cons of each major institution. Here you can also find honest reviews of people who regularly play slots in a particular institution. Among the parameters that should be given the utmost attention, we can highlight:

 • prompt responses from technical support;

• extensive entertainment catalog;

• the presence of “tasty” bonuses, promotions, regular tournaments, etc. rewards;

• the availability of convenient ways to replenish and withdraw money.

 Slot selection

 To start winning you must study all the technical parameters of the slot machine you like. Pay special attention to the external attractiveness of the game, because if you do not like the game visually, then it’s better not to start playing in such slot. Before you start playing for money, be sure to play in the demo mode, where all bets are placed on virtual currency. This will allow you to develop your own style of play that will bring you luck. Pay special attention to risk rounds where you can quickly lose your winnings. If you are not confident in your own abilities, then try to do without them.

 View slot statistics

 Having spin the wheels in free mode, you can go to the game for money, but before that, check to see if your chosen institution is included in the list of the best online casinos. After that, it is worth collecting information about the slot by specifying the following parameters:


• percentage of return;

• available bonuses.

If possible, study the statistics of how often other users win this machine.

 Control your emotions and finances

 Remember that online casinos are, first and foremost, exciting entertainment that allows you to relax and earn money. So if possible, you should not risk it again, especially if this is all your accumulation. Try to organize your game by developing your own strategy.


 In general, it does not matter when to play, at night, in the morning or in the afternoon, because the machines are always the same. But here you need to focus on your own biological clock, since you must be collected. Everyone has different productivity, so see for yourself when you are most assembled. This is important, because at the limit of concentration and attention, any job, including the game of slots, is much easier for you. As a rule, on average, a person reaches a peak concentration in 8-9 hours, 18-19 and 22-24 hours.


 Choosing the most convenient time does not always guarantee maximum concentration on the game, since various distractions can occur. For example, street noise, disturbing children or relatives, all this disturbs concentration and mood, especially if you often have to be distracted from the game. So it is not surprising that most of the regulars of the best online casinos play in the evening / night, when all the household chores are done, or in the morning, when the children are at school and no one bothers to enjoy what they love.

 Stable internet

 Now we live in the era of fast Internet, and this is good, because the most modern slots use high-quality graphics and animation, there are even VR-slots. For all this, you need good internet in order to achieve fast downloads and smooth operation of slot machines. Otherwise, you may experience regular disconnections, which leads to loss of bets. If your Internet is not stable, but you still want to play, then there are two ways: go to another provider, or play purely in demo mode.

 Refusal of automatic spins

 This rule is relevant for all institutions from the top casino 2020. Of course, automatic play may seem like an attractive option, especially for beginners. After all, in appearance, everything is very easy: launch the slot and wait for the profit. Just understand that with automatic spins, the system does not take into account changes in bankroll. Only experienced and self-confident players can afford such a game.

 Competent account replenishment and bonuses

 In all the best gaming establishments, which are represented in the ranking of online casinos, there is a system of encouraging newcomers and regular players. Simply put – a bonus system and a loyalty system. Carefully study the bonuses offered by the institution, it is likely that there are several very attractive options. For example, if you like to play in the morning or at night, then you may be interested in institutions in which deposit bonuses work, just at that time. Which will bring you additional funds for the game. And yes, carefully study the conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses. This is also important.

 That’s all you need to know for a beginner before plunging into the world of gambling entertainment! Let Fortune smile at you!