The concept of an advancing game.

The best modern online casinos offer their customers a huge selection of a wide variety of games through which these institutions receive income. Beginners think little about developing their own game strategies and just have fun, sometimes leaving quite a lot of money in the casino. Other players begin to look for options to improve their results seriously, and master new game techniques that can allow you to beat online casinos. One of these methods is the ad-game. Do not know what it is? We will tell you!

 What is an ad game?

 It is not difficult to guess that the advancing game comes from English “advantage”, which literally translates as an advantage. At its core, this is a common name for all games where a player has a small, but nevertheless advantage over institutions from the top casinos 2020. Advancer is a professional gamer who has a mathematical advantage over the gaming portal. This advantage is both permanent and temporary, but never grows above 2%. The player has to rely solely on logic and his own mind, not fraudulent programs to beat the institution. Almost every experienced player who regularly wins substantial sums possesses such skills. Advancer rarely focuses on a particular type of game, but tries to cover all the popular gambling activities: poker, baccarat and blackjack.

 Advantageous game in the best institutions from our rating of online casinos

 So what is the secret of the advancers? During the creation of slot machines, developers lay a certain level of wagering, it is called RTP. This indicator constantly fluctuates from 70 to 99%. The remaining 1-30% is the superiority of a gaming establishment over a gamer. Let’s take a closer look at a specific example. So, in the slot, RTP of 95% can be set. It turns out that if a player bets $ 10, then he will return $ 9.5.

 It’s only in certain slot machines that it is really possible to create an advantage over online casinos, which becomes possible when a player follows a strategy. So, all the techniques are based on probability theory, so you should not wait for an instant win, since it may require hundreds of bets. The game itself will go in segments, up to frank failures, but this should not be a reason to abandon the game. Only by showing composure you can win a big win. But if you prefer to visit a gaming establishment solely for entertainment purposes, then of course, this may seem too complicated for you.

 Thanks to the adventive games, a whole class of professional gamers has appeared who visit gaming establishments as a job, and not just come to have fun. All the owners of the best online casinos are well aware of the benefits that pros derive from advancing games for themselves. Here are just all the expenses of the gaming portal from such players, more than overlapping revenues from amateurs who play in pleasure or just master the adventive games, trying to get an advantage.

 But no one can achieve a serious advantage over the casino, a maximum of 2%. If you make a lot of bets and play “big”, then the total profit is significant. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to apply mathematical analysis to advancing methods. But you can give the average numbers, so in blackjack the advantage ranges from 0.2% to 1.5%, and in poker it grows to 2%. Unfortunately, such popular entertainments as craps and roulette are not suitable for an advantageous game.

 Many top casinos 2020 do meet professional and amateurs by offering an ad-game. This is a very effective way to attract new players who receive bonuses and are actively trying to beat the casino.

 Advantage game recommendations

 Any professional adviser must adhere to the following rules:

 – strictly follow the chosen strategy;

 – have a large bankroll;

 – possess such important qualities as attention, perseverance and composure.


 The first thing that you should immediately understand for yourself – an advancing game is a legal way to win at a casino consistently. It is enough to adhere to the chosen strategy for a long time, and you will get an advantage over online casinos. Of course, this may seem very difficult for an amateur, but this is the only way to become a professional by cultivating composure and perseverance. It is also worth understanding that you will have to play, almost always, only in poker and blackjack. So if you don’t like these games, then it’s better not to try to become an advancer.

The use of advancing strategies in roulette – will not bring you wins, because it does not take into account the work of the random number generator. On the developer’s server, all rounds / rotations during the game are calculated. While the user is watching the flickering of pictures, the next combination is already ready on the server. So you can’t make money on roulette.

 Sometimes institutions block advancers or change the rules of the game, but in our rating of online casinos there are no such playgrounds. If we talk about other users, then amateurs do not like advancers, often at all, stop playing with them. But, if you put everything at the forefront – the result and stable wins, then this should not particularly worry you. So we wish you good luck and let Fortune be always by your side!