No matter how popular a casino is, it always needs to attract new players. In addition to bonuses, the casino provides a chance for a big win for everyone. Tournaments, promotions and various lotteries – this is an opportunity to grab luck “by the tail”, thereby making the game the most gambling.

Casino tournaments are usually held once a month for several days, for any one game, such as a roulette tournament or a tournament for any specific slots. To participate, you must be a registered player and have a certain amount of money in your account. The player simply plays the game by making bets, and at the end of the tournament, the player who makes either the maximum number of bets or bets for a large amount wins. Usually there are several prizes, and the cash prize is quite an impressive amount. There is another type of tournament where the player does not play against the casino, but against other players. In such tournaments, it is necessary to make an additional contribution, and apply for participation. This is a very good chance to win a large prize, as usually such tournaments give the player a high positive mathematical expectation, and they should be attended as often as possible.

Shares can be very different, and they are held quite often. This may be some interesting bonuses, or better conditions for wagering bonuses, or simply additional rewards in the form of cash prizes for certain player actions.

Lotteries are usually random distribution of any prizes to players for playing at a certain time or for any number of bets.

Jackpots are also present in many casinos, and for quite impressive amounts. You need to know that not all games take part in the jackpot, but only some players have the opportunity to break the bank only at certain bets, and as a rule, these are maximum bets.