The active development of online casinos and online gambling in general naturally leads to the question of what are online casinos and where did they come from? Many also care about how honest the game in such establishments can be. Is it legal at all or is it even not worth the risk? And in

principle, the answers to all these questions can be obtained in several ways: by trying to play yourself, read the reviews of experienced players and review articles at the largest casinos, look at the rating of online casinos, etc. The best option is to cross these methods, because only in this way you can get not only a dry theory, but also practical knowledge. But first things first.

How did online casinos appear?

Most users naively believe that such playgrounds appeared a long time ago when the Internet was tightly integrated into all areas of our lives. But far from it, online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon. The catalyst for the massive emergence of virtual casinos was the law adopted in Antigua, which allowed the issuance of gaming licenses for the organization of online casinos. So the first prototype of modern gaming portals appeared back in 1994, and could not boast of rich functionality and a choice of slots. And in general, in those years, Internet gambling almost did not develop.

Most users were doubtful of such a novelty, since they doubted that it was really possible to win something in an online casino. Years passed, and more and more people began to realize the obvious advantages of playing online.

The second impulse that triggered the emergence of a huge number of online casinos was the massive adoption of laws prohibiting the activities of real gaming clubs. Thus, the governments of many countries, including Russia, pushed gamblers to search for alternatives. Online casinos have become such an alternative.

Virtual and real casinos: differences

You’ll agree that when you hear the word “casino”, images of fashionable halls, roulette, visitors in expensive suits appear in your mind. These are quite logical images gleaned from numerous films. But the regulars of online casinos have different associations: slippers, a comfortable chair and a computer. In general, if we talk about the differences, then here they are only visual. Yes, sitting in slippers, with a cup of tea or coffee, at your computer, it’s hard to imagine that you play with millionaires in a Las Vegas casino, but is this really the main thing? For the player – the main thing is winning, and in this regard, online casinos are in no way inferior to their real counterparts.

The main differences between virtual sites are as follows:

– Ability to play anytime, anywhere. Now every major institution has the opportunity to play with mobile gadgets, which makes them as accessible as possible for a wide range of players.

– All actions are carried out remotely via the Internet. Bets, deposits, reels of the slot machine, etc.

– The presence of a demo version of the slots. Demo mode – does not require you to register and spend real money, you can play any slot machine for free, in conditional currency. This will help you familiarize yourself with the game process and get comfortable in online casinos. Real institutions do not have such an opportunity.

Since the entire game process takes place on the Internet, the user, before starting to play, will have to open an electronic wallet or find for himself the most suitable way to make deposits and withdraw winnings.

Why do a large number of players choose online casinos? Obviously, users begin to play on the Internet because of the huge number of advantages that similar establishments offer them.

Let’s analyze them in more detail:

– It’s enough to have access to the Internet on hand, and you can go to any institution you like, you only need a computer or a mobile gadget;

– no need to withstand the strict dress code that is accepted in real casinos;

– A huge range of entertainment in online casinos is several tens of times superior to a similar offer in a real casino. On the sites of large casinos there are now up to two thousand different games;

– the ability to play at low rates, several times less than what real casinos offer;

– each modern online casino offers its users various generous bonuses, for example, increasing your deposit by 40-100%;

– quick registration and gifts to all beginners. You can register at the casino in just a few minutes, for which the player will receive various gifts: free spins, bonuses for depositing money and returning money spent;

– you can play for free, the demo mode is always available for people who just want to play, and not win;

– In online establishments there are unique slot machines with progressive jackpot increasing with each bet. No real casino can offer you such an opportunity;

– Each player has the right to develop his own game strategy, which will lead him to huge wins.

The most important thing to understand is that a licensed online casino is no different from a usual real casino. Payments, as well as the honesty of the administration of the institution, are guaranteed. And if you doubt the honesty of one or another institution, you can always read the reviews of ordinary players on the Internet to decide whether you should play here or not.