No matter how strange this may seem, for a large number of players the concept of “casino advantage” is something vague. Not everyone can understand the meaning of this phrase, and not everyone can understand the process of calculating the benefits of casinos.

In order to finally deal with this issue and have a scientific approach to the game, we recommend that you study this article.
There are several types of determining the benefits of a casino. For example, we can say that the advantage of a casino is the difference between your chances of winning in a particular case and the payment made by the institution according to the rules established in it. Thus, it turns out that the casino will pay less than it should pay you if you win. In order to consider this situation in more detail, you can use a concrete example with a game of roulette.
European roulette has 37 numbers: zero and from one to thirty-six. If you win by betting one dollar on any number you like, you will be paid thirty-five dollars, despite the fact that your chances of winning were thirty-six to one.
American Roulette has thirty-seven numbers, including double zero. However, if you win with a bet of one dollar, you will receive the same 35 dollars. Thus, covering the whole field with chips of the same value, for each spin you lose two dollars in American roulette and one dollar in European roulette.
The same can be said about the situation when you make bets on red or black, odd or even. Payment will be made in a ratio of 1: 1. In addition, all such bets will be lost if zero occurs. The exception is only special rules in some gaming establishments. It also serves as a guarantee of the casino’s benefits.
The advantage of the casino cannot be considered a hoax, because it is a guarantee of a stable profit for the institution. Otherwise, maintaining a casino would be pointless.
Each of the games, and even each of the bets, has its own definite advantage of the casino. Sometimes, for example, in craps, there are exceptions. Also, in some versions of video poker, a player may have an advantage if he unmistakably follows a certain strategy.
As for blackjack, the mathematical advantage here depends only on the quality of the game. That is why casinos rarely allow professionals who have mastered the score of cards and are able to achieve positive results over a large number of games.
As a rule, the advantage that is inherent in each game is calculated in advance. Most often, these figures correspond to reality only if the perfect strategy is followed. In order to decide on the most suitable casino game, try to study the statistics as carefully as possible. You can radically change your preferences. For example, playing keno with a casino advantage of 20% is pointless. Also, do not waste time on American roulette, where there is a double and regular zero, it is better to experience fortune in European roulette.
Before playing craps, you need to study the statistics for each type of bet in detail, since their profitability is very different from each other.
It is very important to remember that a stable game is possible only when you carefully study all the nuances of the selected game.

Tokyo Chief Attorney is ready to resign due to gambling scandal

Tokyo’s chief prosecutor, Hiromu Kurokawa, is about to resign after an article from a local magazine stated that he played money mahjong during a state of emergency in Japan, thereby ignoring the principle of social distance.

Mr. Kurokawa is currently the head of the Tokyo State Prosecutor’s Office. According to the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun, the prosecutor played mahjong for money with two journalists and an employee of another newspaper on May 1 and 13.

Japan is currently in a state of emergency to control the spread of coronavirus, which for more than six months has kept most of the world’s population at bay.

Gambling is banned in Japan with very few exceptions, and cash-mahjong is not one of them.

Mr. Kurokawa is believed to be very popular and close to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In addition to participating in the gambling scandal, the Tokyo chief prosecutor was also at the center of mass public protests over raising the retirement age for the country’s prosecutors to 65 from 63 years old. This measure appeared precisely after Mr. Kurokawa was 63 years old, and he was allowed to remain at his post.

The administration of Prime Minister Abe has abandoned this measure.

The prosecutor’s gambling is the latest of the many recent failures of Prime Minister Abe, whose administration is currently faced with weakening public support and harsh criticism from the people who had come to grips with the Cowid-19 crisis.
Answering a question about a gambling scandal involving the Tokyo chief prosecutor, Prime Minister Abe told reporters that the government is demanding that irrefutable evidence be provided.

According to independent political analyst Atsuo Ito, a new wave of criticism will naturally cause the next, which ultimately leads to irreparable consequences for the current prosecutor. It should also be noted that this is not the only gambling scandal in recent months.

For example, at the end of last year, a senior Japanese lawmaker was arrested for a bribe in support of a Chinese gambling company to receive the right to build a casino in the country. Tsukasa Akimoto, a former member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, was charged with bribery for receiving about 7.6 million yen in cash from the 500.com sports lottery operator between 2017 and 2018.
The legislator retained his innocence, but his arrest and indictment were a serious blow to Prime Minister Abe in attracting gambling to the country, as well as in an attempt to increase the number of international visits and provide new sources of revenue for the country’s treasury.