5 indicators of casino “Honesty”.

Unfortunately, honest online casinos on the Internet are as common as fraudulent sites. And to help you find a good institution, we have identified 5 indicators that indicate the honesty of the gaming portal.

 What requirements should the institution from TOP casino 2020 have?

 The first step is to figure out how honest playgrounds generally function. Below are the main criteria that you need to pay attention to:

 – A wide selection of software On the playground

 – It is really to win in the proposed games

 – Slots have high returns

 – There are several ways to replenish and withdraw winnings

 – The withdrawal process takes no more than a few days

 – The institution has numerous bonuses and promotions

 And, most importantly, the best online casinos always have a license. And this is the first and main indicator of the institution’s honesty.

 Honest Casino – Always Licensed

 A license is not just a random set of numbers on a site, but a confirmation of honesty. The regulatory companies are occupied with licensing and closely monitor the operation of a particular casino.

 To obtain a license in a prestigious jurisdiction, you need an ideal reputation and a considerable amount to pay for licensing. Extremely serious companies that come to the online gambling market seriously and permanently can afford it. That is why scammers do not have a license, because it is expensive, and they simply will not pass the test.

 To find out about the availability of a license is very simple, usually information about this is indicated at the bottom of the main page. But do not blindly believe what is written, check if the license is real. It is very simple to do this, go to the website of the regulator and enter the specified number in the search. If the license is genuine, then you will quickly see it.

 Honest casinos have a wide selection of software

 Why are casinos that are included in the online rating good? They offer a huge selection of gaming entertainment from the best software providers. Fortunately, now in the gaming industry there are a huge number of companies involved in the development of high-quality games. But not all institutions can afford software, for example, companies such as: NetEnt, Microgaming or Play’n GO. If the casino has slot machines of these companies, then this already speaks of a quality mark, at least.

A fraudulent casino will not be able to download games from famous companies to its website, as developers simply will not agree to sell their product to them. Each major game development company requires the casino to provide a license and other documents.

 Yes, scammers have found a way around this limitation – by downloading fake software, which is issued for games from well-known manufacturers. But this is easy to verify by finding out the management server. Its name must match the developer’s management server. If it does not match, then you have a fake machine.

 Why is it so important whether legal software or fake? It’s simple, licensed software has a very high return – about 98%, but for fake games – from 40 to 75%. In such games, the bankroll disappears in just a couple of spins.

 Add new games regularly

 The best online casinos try to satisfy their customers as much as possible: both women and men, players with different levels of income and age. To do this, the catalog of games must be regularly updated. Several thousand interesting games have long become the norm for any large institution.

 In addition, the following categories of entertainment should be on the playground:

 – Slots

 – Progressive jackpot machines

 – Several types of roulette and card games

 – Poker

 – Live entertainment

 – Section with sports betting

Incidentally, it is the presence of Live-games that can be considered an indicator of institutions’ level. So far, such software supplies only a few serious companies that do not allow the dubious projects to load their games.

 An honest casino always has many options for depositing and withdrawing winnings

 Top casinos 2020 always have some convenient ways to make a deposit and withdraw winnings. Most often, a casino is oriented to a specific country, connecting popular payment systems in the region, and besides this, international bank cards.

 A sign of an honest casino is the presence of payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard, which will not work with scammers.

 In addition, pay attention to the timing of winnings’ withdrawal. If electronic wallets are connected to the site, then payments to your wallet should be received within 24 hours. On cards – from 3 to 5 days (this is due to the fact that banks do not work on weekends and process payments for a long time).

 If the casino says that your payments will be received within 7 days, and besides this, they sat that they are going to withhold part of the winnings as taxes (usually this is a significant amount of 25-30%), then they are almost certainly scammers. Decent gaming establishments also do not take a commission for transfers.

 An honest casino has round-the-clock technical support for players

 All the institutions from the online casino rating have round-the-clock technical support, since the gameplay is quite unpredictable, and players regularly encounter many problems and difficulties.

 Optimally, if support is presented in the form of a chat, where you can quickly seek help and get answers.

 In addition, the mailbox for communication should be indicated on the portal of the gaming establishment if for some reason the chat is not suitable for you.

 If none of this exists and methods of communication with the administration are indicated, then they are scammers. Before making a first deposit, be sure to contact technical support. By the speed and quality of the answers you can judge the level of the casino.

 This is all you need to know in order to choose an honest online casino where you will have a good time and win! Good luck!